Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daisy Blooms

These aren't very good pictures, but the daisies have bloomed, too. Mother-nature is so graceful and forgiving! I should be taking better care of these lovely flowers!

April Blooms

Well the flowers have bloomed. I would have posted these sooner, but we have been getting lots of rain (thunder & lightning, too). Anyway, I still need to weed these beds out, but I am trying to catch up from the rain now. I know - excuses, excuses! I love to garden, so it will happen soon!

Here are the latest pictures of the red flowers.

Also, I need to put a rod in the ground to hold these stems up - that is what I didn't do last year until it was too late and the stems broke. But they will grow more flowers when they are cut back.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoy these flowers.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Shasta Daisies

A friend gave me these daisies last year. Only one has come up so far. I’m not surprised, because I haven’t even tended to my garden until yesterday! I’m so bad. I’m glad gardening can be forgiving to a certain extent, if not, I wouldn’t have any flowers!

I will post more pictures as they grow.

I also have gladiolas that have come back 2 years in a row. They haven’t bloomed yet though.


I bought these as bulbs from Walmart about 2 years ago. Only 2 bulbs survived. I could not remember what they were. I described them to a friend and after scouring the internet, I too, believe they are amaryllis. They are very tropical, and have 4 blooms on each stem. There is one single large stem, that is hollow. These bloom for 7 – 10 days. After you cut the stem off, you may be able to get it to grow more flowers. They are very tropical.
I love watching them begin to bloom. I remember the first time I saw these blooming, I could compare them to giving birth. I used to think there was nothing in the world that was equivalent to giving birth, but I was wrong. Watching these beautiful flowers bloom for the first time is very similar to how I felt when I gave birth to my beautiful children.

These have gotten very tall. It looks like one plant is going to have two stems this time. The other just has one. This will be the second year for these plants. I have photos below. They have not fully bloomed yet. Each day, they open a little bit more.

The photos below were taken yesterday. So as you can see from the photos above, they look so much different each day they open a little bit more.